Reviews of A Million Tiny Things

Foreward Reviews Review:

(April 17, 2012)

Both insightful and inspirational, this collection will motivate readers to look for their own million tiny ways to make a positive difference.

— from Foreward Reviews

self-deprecating, brooding and very funny.

— Katherine J. Barrett Review:

(May 13, 2012)

I was literally laughing my head off – and alternatively near tears – with just about every other paragraph, and ultimately so sorry when the book came to an end that I turned around and read it right over again! -

There is no better way to convey the why of what made me love this book so much beyond saying simply: Kenna gets it.

— from

"A Million Tiny Things" is a strong pick for parenting and environmentally concerned collections, much recommended.

— Midwest Book

Literary Mama Review:

Do the Right Thing, Baby: A Review of Honeycomb Kids and A Million Tiny Things (June 24, 2012)

Those tiny things -- millions of small battles and decisions -- can indeed steer a mother toward obsession, even downright neurosis. Kenna Lee won't deny it. In fact, her book narrates her neuroses in heart-rending, hilarious detail.

A Million Tiny Things opens with crisis: Lee is pregnant. This is wonderful; she will usher a third child into her family. This is terrible; Lee and her partner had planned for only two children "to avoid the whole overpopulation, overconsumption, overheating the earth thing." Though a "self-righteous" environmentalist, Lee wanted a third

— Katherine J. Barrett from Literary Mama

A Million Tiny Things is an intimate view into one woman's struggle with her many loves: her love for her children, her partner and the earth.

Thanks to Lee for giving us this thought-provoking work on how we can see our actions in a new light and the effects our everyday choices have on our planet.

— Lydia Stewart, avid reader & mother of three

Kenna Lee’s A Million Tiny Things is simply the best book I’ve read about how challenging and terrifying, and thrilling and maddening, and just plain damn HARD it can be to be a lover and a parent in these tough, unprecedented times of ours.

Kenna Lee says all the things out loud that the rest of us keep to ourselves, and in doing that she gives us the best gift we can hope to receive from a book: the realization we’re not all alone with these dark thoughts of ours. If this is the end of the world as we know it, I want her on my team – or at least, her book in my back pocket.

— Susan Choi, author of A Person of Interest and American Woman, Pulitzer Prize Finalist

In A Million Tiny Things, Kenna Lee offers a poignant and humorous account of her family's everyday choices and their impact on the environment.

As a mother and a citizen of the 21st Century, Lee takes on the issues of our day, informing the reader, but also inviting a laugh at the absurdity of having to navigate myriads of tiny, daily decisions that could determine the future of the planet.

— Kaitlin Quistgard, editor in chief, Yoga Journal

I've never found personal despair and global crisis to offer so much readerly pleasure.

That perverse success is a tribute to the remarkable voice created here, one which evokes, with extraordinary emotional precision and visceral detail, the experience of (sometimes powerfully motivating, sometimes almost crippling) anxiety while also allowing for humor and lyricism. In the end, it's a book not just about saving the world, but also about why the world is worth saving.

— C.A. Carlson, senior editor

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