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think small

"Soil is not usually lost in slabs or heaps of magnificent tonnage. It is lost a little at a time over millions of acres by the careless acts of millions of people. It cannot be saved by heroic feats of gigantic technology, but only by millions of small acts and restraints, conditioned by small fidelities, skills, and desires. Soil loss is ultimately a cultural problem; it will be …

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looking back at 2012

I’m pretending that I’m doing a year-in-review, but really, I’m just out of sync with the news cycle.  The entire nation has moved on to debating the fiscal cliff and pretending that climate change isn’t the most urgent issue on the table.  It’s been waaaay over a month.  Which in news-cycle time might as well be a decade. 

Call me Slow News …

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peace on earth and mercy mild

Remembering all those children who could not put on their angel costumes this year.

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