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who bought all these dang presents, anyway???

It can’t possibly have been me.  I don’t believe in getting kids a lot of stuff.  Love, yes; stuff, no.  I carefully consider my consumption choices and consciously conserve.  Right?

Plus, I’m very aware of all the useful things money can buy besides more stuff for middle class American children: food for the hungry, medicine, clothing.  Real …

Tags: Christmas, consumption, holiday, magic, stuff

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the light returns, well, sort of

Above my roof, on the shortest night of the year, the gods were tearing the sky apart, almost as if to make a mockery of my blithe there’s-no-chance-of-an-apocalypse-today attitude.  I curled deeper and deeper into my blanket, hoping against hope that my pager would not go off.  No way did I want to ever consider heading out under that falling sky in my little hybrid tin can, …

Tags: depression, light, solstice

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this is the way the world ends

Every day worlds end, violently and peacefully.  One week ago, 26 worlds ended in Newtown.  Today, the news nods to the week-old tragedy, and moves on to all the people waiting for the Mayan apocalypse to happen.  Seriously? 
Part of me can’t believe that people actually think some dramatic End of Time might happen, pre-scheduled for centuries.  But perhaps …

Tags: hope

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