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back to work

Tonight I’ll go back to work, my usual 12-hour shift.  Regular life.  The shock of Newtown is subsiding, so soon.  Each day I shed a few less tears for the families in Connecticut. 

My children could do no wrong this week.  Whining, bickering, new coats crumpled on the floor, all the things that usually drive me mad—this week, I was only grateful.  …

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first school day (what i will not ask of the Newtown parents)

I will not ask you to be ennobled by your grief.  I will not ask you to be anything but brought low by it.  I will not expect you to rise up, stronger than before.
I will not hand you a tissue.  I will not be afraid of your tears or your snot.  I will not ask you to hide them from me.
I will not, ever, ask you “how are you?” unless I want a real and true …

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the morning after

I know grief.  I have lost a child.  The thought of all those parents in Connecticut—the sleepless night they just had, the despicable means of their loss—it’s too much to bear.
Yet they bear it.  They bear what they cannot.
We bear what we cannot and then we get up again out of the sleepless bed and we bear it again.  And again.  Each day a fresh …

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